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Free Fundraising Webinar

Join Joseph Morrison, Founder & CEO of Raiser Sharp Consulting as he talks about what you can do right now to get a jump start on your fundraising efforts.

This is a sneak peek into the Fundraising Jump Start for Busy Nonprofit Leaders e-course where you will learn:

  • How to Engage Your Board in Fundraising With Things They Will Want to Do!

  • How Little Known Psychological Tricks Can Open Up Wallets

  • How to Put Fundraising on Cruise Control with Automation and Technology

  • How Social Media Can Be Used to Bring in Exponential Sums of Money

The free webinar is scheduled for December 16th, 1pm EST / 10am PST. Attend the free webinar and and get a huge discount on the course! Secure your spot (and discount) today. Space is limited and this webinar will fill up fast!



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