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A New Film You Can Use to Fundraise

A new film will make its theatrical release across North America, primarily in NYC this week and Los Angeles next week, and then in PA. It's called Uncharitable.

All of the showtimes across the US and Canada can be found here on our where to watch page but here are the showtimes and ticket links for NY/Los Angeles/PA:

If you are near any of these locations, I encourage you to bring everyone you know! If you're interested in purchasing a large block of 20+ tickets, oftentimes you can host your own Q/A or issue your own call to action immediately following the film as a way of raising funds for your own organization.

Please contact Talia Sawyer, if that is of interest and she'd be happy to get you all set up!

On top of all that, we have a very exciting initiative where due to some recent generous donations to the impact fund, we are able to provide a limited number of FREE tickets to each of these showings. This is really the charitable sector donating access to a movie that some may not otherwise have access to. Anyone who would like to request a free ticket can do so by filling out the request form here.

Please check out our "get involved" page for other calls to action:

Thank you so much for your support spreading awareness of UNCHARITABLE far and wide. Please contact Talia Sawyer, sawyer.talia@gmail.comif you have any follow up questions!

To Your Growth,


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