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Start a 501c3 Nonprofit in 3 Easy Steps! [Free Webinar]

Thursday, September 29, 2022 | 4-5pm

You’ve identified a need in the community. You want to give something back to society. You’ve talked to a few people and they think you have a great idea. You need to be able to receive tax-deductible donations or solicit grants from corporations and foundations. You’ve had experience in other organizations and want to form a new one to fill an unmet need. These are only a few of the many possible reasons for forming a non-profit, charitable organization. You may have even started the process, only to hit a few bumps in the road or come up with questions that need answering. Or maybe the whole idea seems daunting: Which state government agency do you need to talk to? Can’t you go straight to the IRS? What forms and reports have to be filed every year? And above all: Will forming a new organization be the most effective way to reach your goal?

Now is the perfect time to take a step back. Remember that what first energized you was a specific need, problem to solve, or issue that you felt needed attention. You are looking for the best way to work on this issue. That is really your goal—and the foundation for moving ahead.

There are a number of important legal and practical issues to keep in mind as you decide what the most effective medium will be to reach your goal. You’ll need to know what a non-profit is, some of the advantages and disadvantages of forming a non-profit, some of the requirements for forming and sustaining a non-profit, and alternatives to forming a new organization. And, if you are a house of worship, or a faith based organization, there are some specific questions that apply to you and not to others.

So how do you go about this process?

That's what we'll address in this free webinar. You'll learn the three essential components that will legally get you up and running in no time.

We'll review the three parts of your nonprofit set up - your Articles of Incorporation, your 501c3 application, and your Charity Registration and explain why each is important, and how they all connect. It's easy to make a mistake when filing any one of these applications.

Our resident nonprofit guru Joseph Morrison -Founder & CEO of Next Level Nonprofit will help you avoid the pitfalls in this informative session. He'll do it in a way that is fun and clear and avoids the overwhelm you might be feeling when thinking about this process.

RSVP today. You have nothing to lose because this webinar is free. But, you have a world of knowledge to gain!


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