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The One Page Fundraising Plan [Free Download]

Everyone keeps telling you that you need a fundraising strategy to raise more money for your organization.

But --- no one really shows you HOW to do this! 🤯

This is super frustrating and when you’re already feeling overwhelmed, it’s just one more thing on your never-ending to-do list.

I remember staring at a blank screen trying to write my first fundraising strategy.

I would look for inspiration from all the big organizations, but didn’t understand how to translate that to my small nonprofit.

There are just so many options - how could I figure out what was right for me?

The blank screen turned into overwhelm and I just didn’t do it. That’s right. I just kept going with my fundraising without strategic direction.

Fast forward a few years and with more experience and confidence, I was able to create a fundraising strategy that resulted in double digit fundraising growth, year-after-year.

I realized the fundraising strategy brought clarity and focus - which was the backbone to our success.

Better yet, writing one was actually really simple. ✨

So simple, in fact that you can do it in one page!

While I can’t promise you a magic bullet, I can promise you a simple to use and easy to follow One Page Fundraising Strategy Guide to help you get focus and clarity. I’m even including a completed sample plan so you see how it all comes together.

The best part - it’s my gift to you 🎁. That’s right - free.

I want to see you be successful with your small nonprofit. I want you to know that you CAN do it without the burnout.

You can get your immediate download here and start using it today!

To Your Growth,


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