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A Place for Nonprofits to Get Things Done (Cheap)!

It's Like a Fiverr for Nonprofits...

When Covid-19 began to reek havoc in the world, I noticed something remarkable: Nonprofit leaders didn't back down. They embraced the challenge and met it head on.
I really wasn't surprised, because that is what you do everyday. I was upset, however, that so many nonprofit staff were laid off, including many of my own clients. It was heartbreaking to hear the stories of how, overnight, nonprofit organizations closed their doors, if only temporarily, and were unable to serve their communities in the way they served them before. So, I had an idea. What if there was a place where nonprofit staff -including program leaders, case managers and administrative assistants and those that served the nonprofit community - like grant writers and bookkeepers who might have been affected by the pandemic- could go and earn a little extra income by offering their skills and help to other nonprofit organizations who were not so much affected?! So I created such a place. It's called It’s like a Fiverr for Nonprofits - a microjob site where you sell small tasks or jobs starting at just $5 and increasing in $5 increments. The difference, however, is that it is specifically for nonprofit-related services, such as fundraising, marketing and leadership development, along with the normal business services such as logo design, administrative help and social media support. Someone once told me that running a nonprofit is a series of 10,000 tasks a day - and they all have to be done! So, why not break those tasks down and have someone help advance your mission one task at a time? That's what can do for you. Whether you are an executive director, board member, administrative assistant, social media expert, case manager, grant writer, poet, graphic designer, digital mailing specialist, consultant or finance manager, can help connect you with the services you need. For nonprofits, it’s free to search for jobs (Tasks) and get help for a fraction of the cost you would elsewhere. And for sellers, it's free to post as many of your services as you'd like and reach our nonprofit community. It's also a great opportunity for nonprofit clients that might have skills or services they'd like to offer, too - and earn a few bucks in the process. If you're in the nonprofit sector, or serving the nonprofit sector, you owe it to yourself to check out
You'll be glad you did.
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